Why Honest

Every time a customer

sends an email

schedules a meeting

creates a support ticket

Prior to answering an email, you must invest  time and energy dealing with dozens of tools and data

Honest lets you focus on the conversation and spend less time micro-tasking

What Honest can do for you

Know your client

  • Show me my client's rating
  • Tell me what company do they work for
  • Get the status of my deal
Know your Client with Honest

Organise files

Organise your files with Honest
  • Browse files and folders contextually
  • Upload all attachments from suppliers automatically

Track your numbers

  • Obtain your contact analytics
  • Visualise your inbox metrics
  • View customer’s KPIs
Contact Analytics for Gmail by Honest

Understand the context

Understand any message with Honest
  • Help me find an answer from the knowledge base
  • Suggest me related issues
  • Find the latest keyword mentioned in different files

Honest gives meaning to every app integration.

Honest apps integrations

Honest connects your apps securely using Auth tokens. We store incoming data anonymised and encrypted for the minimum time required to process all the information we need to manage.

Your inbox, lightened up.

Get early access to the beta and start experience Honest today

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